I have had the great fortune of working with Shelley Patterson on a project to renovate my condominium. I had no past experience in such matters, but I did have a very clear desire to make my then recently purchased home into an expression of what I felt to be beautiful and personal. I did have some hazy notions but that was it. The guiding principle was my home needed to feel right to me.

I need help to realize this goal; not just someone else’s preconceived concepts. Shelley did this perfectly. She listened, understood and translated my sometimes vague preferences into a total design with solid choices for structural changes, materials, colors and furnishings. It was easy to discuss each step and decision with her so we were sure to achieve what I wanted in both a quality and a practical way.

If I could summarize, Shelley gave me the confidence to make an investment in materializing a vision that in fact was truly realized.
Bob P

Design Detail is absolutely the best! I have no idea what I am doing as far as interior design/decorating are concerned. Shelley made the process of redecorating our home, not only painless, but rewarding and fun as well. She managed to put me at ease in a realm far outside of my comfort zone. Our home has been transformed from a space I did not relish being in – into a warm, inviting environment I love coming home to. I have referred Design Detail to numerous friends and will continue to do so in the future.
Gilah A

Shelley made my house remodel so much fun! She brought fabulous ideas to the table, really helped me think outside of my little box, and the final results were amazing and far beyond my expectations. Of all those who worked on this project, Shelley was the one who brought the highest value.
I will continue to consult with her on any project I do and the fact that she’s so fun to work with is just an added bonus!
Karen C

Before I met Shelley I was a ‘realtor beige gal’. She has changed my life, as well as my house. I don’t settle for the ordinary anymore. I go out of the ‘box’. I love her choice of colors and her ideas for making my home so special.

I can truly say my house has been changed by her creativeness and touch.
Trust her! She won’t disappoint you.
Marilyn S

Shelley’s knowledge of all aspects of design is outstanding. She has a way of listening to a client’s needs and ideas and then leading them in the right direction. She is a delight to work with and I am one very satisfied client.
Peggy L

Shelley’s creativity, warmth and wit combine with unflagging energy, professionalism and complete attention to detail to make her the perfect designer. Her listening and intuitive skills provide a design and décor customized for each client’s particular tastes and needs – colors, space and budget. The many friends who have begged me for my designer’s name have been thrilled with their results.
Sheryl H

The first thing that struck me when I started working with Shelley is that she does not waste one second of time. She is a dynamo! Her knowledge of what is available and what can be done is extensive. Her color and design sense is automatic and flawless.

Shelley never imposed her personal taste on us, nor did she ever dictate what we should do; she fostered a design team. Shelley effortlessly opened our eyes to possibilities, always keeping in mind our budget constraints. Working with Shelley was play – playing with function, form, color and texture.

Shelley was invaluable as a mediator, between our contractor and us, between my husband and I. She helped us resolve a multitude of seemingly insurmountable issues that naturally arise in the execution of a complex project. Her ability to overcome contractor objections through her knowledge of construction, combined with design, was truly masterful.

Many people have asked us if we would do this all over again, and the answer is “Absolutely!” Shelley Patterson’s talent, professionalism, and personality smoothed the process of building a home in more ways than can be enumerated. My husband and I have continued to turn to Shelley for her help with a multitude of finishing touches including furniture selection, placement, accessories, and fabrics. Every cent we’ve spent on Shelley’s services has been money well spent.
Stacy S